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May 14, 2012
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- Make it something we can pronounce. Not some stupid shit like Jukgth Ghtyfk.
- The first name HAS TO BE 6 LETTERS long.
- The last name HAS TO BE 6 LETTERS long as well.
- Your troll CANNOT have the last name of an actual canon troll.
- Nor can they be related at all.

- Make it something readable at least. Keep it simple.
- Don't use the ones that are over used. Like replacing S with $.
- Be creative.

- Be realistic guys and stay with the program. Don't make them have some stupid rainbow blood or something. That screams Mary-sue.
- Your troll may be a mutant blood. It is rare but it happens. So it's okay, just don't make them flaunt it. They will be culled.
- Black and White are not colors, they are shades and tints. So therefor they cannot be blood COLORS. (This includes grey/gray)
- Lime is a canon color, but lime bloods have gone extinct.
- Your trolls blood cannot change colors.

- Black hair. No funky rainbow colors. Black hair only.
- Streaks are permitted. They do have hair dye. But don't go making their hair a rainbow of colors. And try to stick with their own blood color.
- Skin is grey. That's it. That's all.
- The part that is white in our eye, is yellow in theirs.
- The colored circle in our eyes, is grey in theirs. Until they are older, then they become the color of their blood.

- I understand that trolls with higher bloods tend to go insane. But not all of them do. Feferi was perfectly kind and nice and SANE.
- Don't make them Mary/Gary sues. They can't be really nice one second and then kill you if you insult them. Holy shit guys c'mon.
- Be original with there personality. Make them have hobbies and likes, and dislikes.
- Remember. NO ONES PERFECT.

- Yes some trolls are physic and can do cool things. But don't god mode. No one will like you. You will remain forever friendless.
- Only certain blood types have powers. A pink blood can't mind control.

- Your troll cannot be morails, kismeses, matesprit etc. with actual trolls from the comic. In the comic your troll would be dead. And no longer exist.
- You can have met the trolls. Before the game and such. It is possible. But still no relationships. They were too young.
- You may have relationships with other fan trolls however, that is fine.

- You can pretty much do anything for clothes. But most trolls keep it dark, keep that in mind. The only exception is Feferi, but even she still wears black.
- You CAN NOT have the same symbol as a canon troll. Make up your own. It's fun and easy.

- Make sure you know how your troll will be killed off. Because everyone dies sooner or later. In homestucks case. Usually sooner.
- Keep the god tier outfit simple. Nothing too fancy or complicated. And remember there are classes keep that in mind when designing. Because they each have a unique look.
- Don't forget that you also need a god tier name. Like Bard of Rage.
- God tiers also only have classes such as Thief, Rogue, Life, Void... etc. Look it up.

- Make sure the weapon is something they can actually, you know, hold. And keep up.
- Don't make them have like 20.
- Fist don't exactly count as weapons, but you may if you really want to.
- Alternia has a lot of cool tech, don't be afraid to make a fancy mechanical weapon like Kanaya's chainsaw.

10) LUSUS.
- Your character MUST have a lusus. Though they can leave or die, if you choose.
- They can't be raised by canon trolls, or other trolls. It's not how it works on Alternia. Do you want them to die?
- Your lusus may be whatever animal/creature you like.
- Your lusus will die eventually, it's how the game works.

- You can't be related, in a relationship, friends, etc with them. Because when they play the game, you are dead. They didn't magically save you.

12) HORNS.
- Don't make them have huge ass horns then swirl around everywhere and are bigger than there body.
- Don't make them have horns comeing out of anywhere BUT the top of there head!
- Don't make them have like 8 horns.
- 4 is the maximum guys. 2 is the minimum.
- Don't make them crazy colors. There is a specific color pallet to follow.
- Horn's also can't be in the middle of the head or on the forehead.

13) ETC.
- Trolls age should be in sweeps, not human years.
- A sun sweep is 26 months apposed to our 12 month year.
- Trolls don't have any relatives!!! Except their dancestors/ancestors! You can't make your fantroll be the kid of two canon trolls like gamzee and karkat.

14) Got anything to add to this list. Just ask. This isn't meant to bash or hate on your fantrolls. This is just meant to help, and clear things that can't and can be done. We want good fantrolls, not stupid Mary/Gary sues.
Also any questions? Feel free to ask!
This will be updated once a week or more or less.
This is just to help and not meant to be mean or offensive in anyway.
Any questions or things to add go right ahead.
This will be updated whenever I have more to add, and there will be more no worries.

Here is the new Tumblr I have made to help out fantrolls.

PS: If you follow everything the Homestuck Wiki has to say, then you're probably going to get a lot of shit wrong. That Wiki is Fan made and anyone can go in there and change things or adjust things to fit whatever they want.

Here are some links to help out.

Blood Colors / Hemospectrum: Lime is a canon color but it's not there.
God Tier Aspects:
Desktop Base:
Modus Template:
HS Character Bases:
Creator sheets:
Detail sheets:

ALSO! If you like this and wanna show your support, I would really love if you donate a point or two on my page, that be great, thank you! (It might also encourage me to make a 'Kid' version of this!)
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ResurgenceBells Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Um, sorry if this is a bit rude, but canon signs can be used. It's because it usually matters on the date of hatching/birth of a troll. Sorry, that's just the philosophy of my upbringing of Homestuck. But, yes, this clears up so much junk people decide to put on their trolls that aren't even relevant.
CelesteSapphire Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*favorites to excess over later*
thank you for this.
goodcookie14 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
This is great! I'm creating a Homestuck rp, and I will definitely add a link to this!
Lilac1026 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  New member
Thank you so much you actually are sane about oc's!! i have seen so many trolls that have gold blood and are put higher on the hemo spectrum than Feferi (which doesn't even make sense because gold is just a darker shade of yellow) and just make me sit there raging

Like so:
Rage face emoticon Rage :fliptable: 

Thank you so much!! I agree completely with all you have written in your journal / guide!
Hidden by Commenter
demonrei9991 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
i hate to point out that someone did have black blood, not sure who, but mindfang killed them. they were a type of judge and tried to kill mindfang for the trial after she got the lowbloods to hang redglare.
Silentforestfairy Featured By Owner 1 day ago
That was not a troll, but more like a judge drone. I don't remember what they were called.
stardancer51 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great! i got some good tips from it! i just have one thing to say, i think you should change the title to "how to make a decent homestuck troll oc by canon standards" or something like that, because much of this wouldn't necessarily HAVE to be applied if someone had created an AU. Just so people don't flame you about what needs to be absolute and whatnot.
xeyi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
An EXTREMELY helpful link for using original constellation symbols can be found here:…

I do not agree with the whole "DON'T USE CANON SYMBOLS", because those are the main star constellation symbols and each one of us here has one of these symbols for our own. Hussie didn't create them himself, and it doesn't lack originally to use these symbols, so it's not a must that you can't use them.

I also don't agree with the "leave the canon characters alone" deal (since there is the possibilities of AUs), nor the lusus, but more power to you if you guys do use it.
VOL4T1L3 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, this helped me out a lot with my fantrolls, but i was wondering if you ever did make that Kid version?
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